Tree Pruning

Minneapolis Tree & Shrub Pruning

We know that pruning shrubs and trees properly is one of the most important steps that can be taken to keep them as healthy as possible. We do crown cleaning, which is the removal of dying, dead, and rubbing and crossing branches. Training pruning is also something that is very important when it comes to younger trees because it improves their overall structure and reduces the amount of maintenance the trees need in the future.

We put a lot of care into every tree and shrub that we prune so that you only have the best result. We want to make sure that the plant remains healthy and aesthetically appealing for as long as possible. Any time you notice your trees or shrubs needing pruning or you want to establish a maintenance schedule, we are here to do what you need when you need it.

Pruning Your Trees And Shrubs The Right Way

There are harmful pruning practices that can be used. When a tree or shrub is pruned, it is something that will have an influence on the rest of its life. This is why it has to be done right. If it is not done right, then the tree or shrub could die. A tree could also become a hazard and a dangerous tree can present a liability issue for a property owner.

So what we do at All Seasons Tree Service is ensure that every tree we prune is pruned the right way. We ensure a safe environment while we do the work and we carefully do our job so your trees and shrubs can thrive.

Experienced In All Types Of Pruning

There are different pruning methods that our Minneapolis & St. Paul tree service uses. They include:

  • Structural pruning to train small tree growth
  • Maintenance pruning for older trees

When we provide estimates for these types of pruning, there are several things taken into consideration, such as the type of pruning. Coarse pruning, medium pruning, and fine pruning are three of those types. Our arborists look for crossing branches that are rubbing together, stacked branches are growing above each other, hazard branches, branches or trunks growing out of the same area, and branches that create some kind of interference. The end result is good structural balance and trees and shrubs that that look much healthier and stay healthy for the long-term.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul Tree Removal Company

Sometimes a tree’s condition or placement requires its removal. If you have a tree on your residential or commercial property that needs to be removed, All Seasons Tree service can help you. We use the safest and most innovative methods to ensure the job is done right and quickly. To learn more about our tree removal service, call us at the Minneapolis office at 612-366-7497 or the St. Paul office at 651-690-3200 for a free estimate.

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